RCVS launches new 1CPD learning and development platform

RCVS has announced the launch of a new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) learning and development platform for all members.

The 1CPD will now replace the Professional Development Record (PDR) as the means of “planning, recording and reflecting on” veterinary professionals’ continuing professional development.

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The launch accompanies several CPD policy changes, including the introduction of the new outcomes-focused CPD model that will become mandatory in January 2022. The new model focuses on “reflection”, while 1CPD encourages veterinary professionals to “reflect on the quality, relevance and impact of the CPD they undertake”.

Dr Linda Prescott-Clements, director of education at RCVS, said: “Although the outcomes-focused element of these changes won’t become mandatory until January 2022, we recommend that you incorporate reflection in your cycle of planning, doing and recording CPD as soon as possible, and our new 1CPD app makes this much easier to do than before.” 

She added: “Research has found that reflection enhances the quality, impact and relevance of CPD as professionals consider what they have learned, how they will apply their learning and how it will improve their practice. 

“The 1CPD platform facilitates reflection by allowing you to record your reflective notes on your recorded CPD activities, through a variety of means including text, audio or uploading a document.”

Richard Burley, chief technology officer at RCVS, said: “1CPD provides a range of enhancements to RCVS’ previous offerings in this space and represents an important step forward in the College’s digital approach. 

“Built on the latest best-practice technologies, it improves on every aspect of our previous approach to CPD support, delivering the first stage of a new, integrated, career-long CPD support capability for members.”

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