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Webbox reveals ‘obscure’ pet laws in the UK

Encouraging your dog to bark the Lancashire Coast could lead to a £5,000 fine and even a criminal record unless instructed to by police, according to a study by pet food company Webbox.

Webbox has revealed some of the most “obscure” pet laws in the UK that pet owners might not be aware of.

The study has found it is illegal to incite your dog to bark unless instructed to do so by a police officer.

 The research has revealed not having spare poo bags on walks could lead up to a £100 fine if dog owners are caught without one, according to Daventry Council.

The law also states that it’s illegal to bury your pet anywhere other than the grounds of the home it lived in, but you must own that home, not rent, and your deceased pet must not be a classed as being hazardous to human health.

Recently, the government has urged pet owners to microchip all cats and dogs in a newly launched appeal.

In a new statement, the government said that microchipping was a “vital part of being a responsible pet owner”.

Some 92% of dogs are now microchipped following compulsory measures introduced in 2016. Since the introduction of this legislation, dogs handled by local authorities have decreased by 15%, according to the Dogs Trust.

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