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89% of pet owners think their pets are ‘jealous’ of their phones

Some of 89% of pet owners say that their pets have tried to get their attention whilst they were using an electrical device because “they felt left out.”

According to a study by pet insurance company, Bought By Manny, 48% of pet owners said their pets make noises when they are on their phones.

Around 3% of owners also reported their animals scratched or paw the device, whilst 36% said their pet has gone as far as to sit on the electronic device.

Also, 36% of owners also believed that their pet has broken something just to get their attention.

Veterinary surgeon, Neerja Muncaster, told Country Living: “If you are worried about not giving a pet enough attention, you can use these tips to try and make sure you find a balance between screen use and interaction with our pets.”

She said: “Ensure you are listening to your pet, responding to them and acknowledging their communication. If you can’t look away from your screen, try to interact with your pet in other ways, such as by stroking them or allowing them to sit on your lap.

“Routine will help your pet to understand when and how they can socialise with you, so make time for regular walks and cuddles. Get out and about: walking your dog and encouraging them to socialise with other pet owners will really benefit them.”

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