The Cuddle Club partners with London Dog Week

The Cuddle Club has announced it will partner with London Dog Week later this year.

The therapy pop-up venture is known for bringing puppies to offices, open spaces, parks, retail stores and commuter hot spots, offering up-close interaction between puppies and members of the public.  

The idea of the pop-ups followed research that petting a dog for 10 minutes reduces the stress hormone cortisol, while 15 minutes of dog petting boosts serotonin, prolatin and oxytocin, as well as reducing blood pressure.

The Cuddle Club will now station a series of pop-ups throughout London during London Dog Week, which takes place between 23 March and 29 March.

Cuddle Club founder, Aneka Johnson, said: “The research gives context to why so many brands and businesses are now getting serious about giving dogs a platform in our working and everyday lives. 

“The collaboration between Cuddle Club and London Dog Week will not only make people feel happier but it will actually get people talking, another huge benefit to bringing dogs more into our communities and lives.”

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