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Supermarkets faces shortage of cat litter amid Bob Martin’s administration

Supermarkets are facing a shortage of cat litter after pet food and accessories retailer Bob Martin UK entered administration, according to The Mirror

Late last year pet food manufacturer Pets Choice acquired the Bob Martin Healthcare factory, which included brands such as Clear, Clear Plus and cat litter brand Felight. 

Bob Martin used to supply its own brand of cat litter to supermarkets, including the ‘Big Four’ grocers, but as a result of the administration, the own-label cat litter production in Cardiff closed down.

One Sainsburys shopper said in tweet: “Hello what’s happening with your cat litter? I need some desperately for my cats and my store hasn’t had any since before Christmas. They only like your ultra clumping one had to get wood one and they won’t use it”

Pet Choice also attributed the shortage of cat litter to the process in which the supermarket listings were transferred from Bob Martin to Pets Choice during its acquisition. 

A spokesperson told The Mirror: “Pets Choice/Bob Martin are pleased to confirm that all listings with major customers have now been instituted after the transition period following on from the company changes in November.

“Bob Martin pride themselves in making quality healthcare products and can confirm that Felight Cat Litter is now available to all retailers. As such, distribution of this product will be back to normal in the coming weeks.”

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