RSPCA received 12,000 calls over Christmas period

The RSPCA received almost 12,000 calls regarding the welfare of some 7,000 animals over the festive period. 

In the week between Monday 23 December and Sunday 29 December, the charity received 11,888 calls, equating to 70 calls an hour during the week. 

Some 1,255 cats and 1,790 dogs were reported to the RSPCA’s emergency hotline, alongside 613 calls regarding equines, and 1,301 reports of wild birds and mammals.

The charity said: “The charity’s vets, vet nurses, animal care assistants and volunteers were busy looking after the thousands of animals in hospitals, animal centres, and wildlife centres across the country. 

“While inspectors, animal welfare officers and animal collection officers were rescuing animals who had been cruelly abandoned, freeing those who found themselves trapped and in need of a helping hand, or collecting those who needed veterinary treatment or a warm bed for the night.”

Rescues during the period included a goose trapped in a chemical treatment plant, a seal found on the beach in Torquay, a deer trapped between railings and a Canada Goose that flew into someone’s house.

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