Five newly confirmed cases of Alabama Rot

Five new cases of the deadly canine disease, Alabama Rot, have been confirmed in the UK as of today.

Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists confirmed the news in an update on their facebook page.

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The group confirmed a further five cases of cutaneous renal glomerular vasculopathy (often termed CRGV and sometimes known as Alabama Rot). The cases were from Wallingford (Oxfordshire), Horsham (West Sussex), Hungerford (Berkshire – 2 dogs) and Malmesbury (Wiltshire).

With the addition of these confirmed cases, there have now been 198 Alabama Rot cases in the UK since 2012. There are now 23 confirmed cases in 2019 alone. 

The disease, which is typically picked up on paws and legs during muddy walks, causes damage to the blood vessels of the skin and kidney. First symptoms of the disease include skin swelling, lesions and ulcers. Soreness and swelling can also occur on the face, tongue or mouth.

Within two to seven days of contraction, dogs may show outward signs of kidney failure, including vomiting, reduced hunger and unusual tiredness.

Many dogs can make a full recovery without developing any severe kidney damage, though owners are still encouraged to visit their vets upon symptoms emerging. 

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