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The Kennel Club creates ‘A Voice for Dogs’ manifesto

The Kennel Club has created ‘A Voice for Dogs’ manifesto ahead of the general election on 12 December. 

The manifesto calls upon the incoming government to “reshape” the laws surrounding dog welfare and provide “stronger support to their owners.” 

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The nine-point plan highlights the key issues facing dogs and their owners, and details the legislative changes and measures which need to be taken to deliver “far greater protection for dogs across the UK.”

The manifesto refers to the commitments made by the previous government, following ongoing campaigning  against the barbaric use of electric shock collars and an emphasis on encouraging responsible dog breeding

The other points include:

  • Simplify breeding regulations, and incentivise low volume domestic breeders
  • Review microchipping regulations  
  • Revise the current PSPO system regarding dog walking to ensure the provision of accessible and practical space
  • Ban the use of remote control electric shock collars
  • Increase maximum sentences for cruelty against dogs
  • Implement more considered solutions to livestock worrying
  • Review, consolidate and, where necessary, replace existing ‘dangerous dogs’ legislation
  • Review the licensing system for domestic firework use
  • Collaborate with the European Union to improve pet travel rules

Holly Conway, head of public affairs, said: “Our manifesto highlights the strides that the Kennel Club has made so far in giving a voice to dogs, but most importantly all that still needs to be achieved.

“Prior to the election being called, we welcomed firm commitments concerning shock collars and animal cruelty sentences, and it has been incredibly disappointing that these have been halted. 

She added: “We look forward to working with an incoming government to ensure these previous obligations are prioritised and that further measures are put in place to protect the welfare of dogs.”

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