Petsafe announces new additions to ‘Play & Challenge’ range

Global pet product brand PetSafe has announced it is introducing three new dog and cat toys to its popular ‘Play & Challenge’ range.

The additions highlight the business’ “continued focus” on both the category and pet tech and include the first electronic dog toy since the Automatic Ball Launcher, the new Ricochet Electronic Dog Toys.

According to the brand, every ‘Play and Challenge’ toy is designed to redirect bad behaviours like chewing and jumping into positive play, keeping pets busy while also challenging them mentally to keep them actively engaged and alert.

The toys are suitable for all pet ages and come in a range of sizes.

Rob Steele, marketing manager, PetSafe Brand, said: “Play and Challenge continues to be a central focus for our business and we’re constantly looking for ways to innovate to help engage and stimulate pets in new and exciting ways.

“We’re so pleased to be launching these three new products and are looking forward to hearing the feedback they receive from pet owners.”

The following new additions are available to consumers this month from the PetSafe Brand website and other selected retailers:

For dogs:

Ricochet Electronic Dog Toys, RRP £34.99 – an innovative addition to the range, these two electronically paired, Bluetooth enabled toys offer an irresistible squeaking sound. As the dog plays with the first toy, the second toy squeaks, with the sound alternating between each toy. The game stimulates dogs’ hunting instinct and continues as long as they play, automatically shutting off after 30 minutes. 

Ribinator Treat-holding Toy, RRP from £6.99 – This treat-holding toy is tough enough to hold up to even the most determined chewers. Each of the toy’s rounded rubber tubes features a Treat Meter™ that can be filled with treats pet owners already have at home such as sticks, dry treats, moist treats and kibble.

For cats:

From late November 2019: PetSafePeek-a-Bird Electronic Cat Toy, RRP, £29.99 – This automated, motion-activated cat toy features an irresistible feather teaser that peeks out and shakes and then disappears. The toy has a Play All Day mode where its motion sensor will awaken the toy if a cat walks by and the toy automatically wakes up every two hours for unexpected fun.

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