Mayhew partners with Crisis to help homeless pets

Charity Mayhew has revealed its partnership with homelessness charity Crisis, for the twelfth year to help people and animals affected by homelessness this Christmas.

Mayhew will assist Crisis by providing kennels at one of its Christmas centres. Owners experiencing homelessness will be provided with shelter, food, warm clothes and advice to get back on their feet.

Dogs will also be provided with a health check, jackets, collars and food.

Animal Welfare officers from the charity will be training Crisis volunteers throughout November and December in order to “ensure that dogs receive the best care” alongside their owners throughout the winter period.

Members of the public can support the charities by purchasing one of five specially designed gift cards, which will fund mich needed items and services for pet owners and their pets. 

Caroline Yates, CEO of Mayhew said: “Homelessness is devastating, and we know that the expense of pet food and vet care puts an extra burden on people already in a vulnerable position.”

“We believe that helping people and helping animals comes hand in hand, and we are therefore thrilled to have joined forces with Crisis yet again. Together, we can help keep homeless people and their beloved pets warm and well looked after this Christmas.”

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