True Instinct releases ‘High Meat’ food range

Pet food manufacturers, True Instinct, has released its ‘High Meat’ products aimed for cats and kittens to its food range.

The dry food biscuits have are made up of 75% high meat recipe and 25% natural fruit, vegetable and botanicals, aimed to “provide complete and balanced nutrition that helps to fuel a cats active life”.

The range is grain, gluten and cereal free with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives; all complete, balanced and veterinary approved.

Inspired by cats’ ancestral diet, the range includes free-range chicken, turkey with duck, salmon and tuna, which has now replaced True Instinct’s ‘Raw Boost’ range for adult cats.

Benefits of the nutritious products include muscle mass maintenance, support for cats’ immune system, brain and vision development and is completely grain and gluten free.

Craig Taylor, managing director of True Instinct, said “As advocates for natural and nutritious feeding, we’re immensely proud to bring this new and advanced product to market. 

“The super-premium ‘High Meat’ products use only the highest-grade ingredients to help cats and kittens thrive and come in a format that we know they love too.”

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