Dogrobes launches fundraising calendar in support of Dementia charity

Pet accessory company, Dogrobes has launched a fundraising calendar and are donating its dog drying coats to the canines of the Dementia Dog Project. 

Dogrobes is set to launch a new 2020 calendar which they hope will raise funds for the new charity, Dementia Dog Project, which provides assistance dogs for families, where someone has been diagnosed with dementia. 

The retailer will also be supplying one of its dog drying coats to every dog that qualifies as a Dementia Assistance Dog once they have completed their training.

The Dementia Dog Project is a collaboration between Alzheimer Scotland and Dogs for Good, combining professional expertise to pilot and develop new services for people living with dementia. 

The project is funded by charitable donations and explores how trained dogs can help people live well with dementia – both at home through their assistance dog programme, and to promote independent living through their community dog therapy programme. 

Dementia Assistance Dogs receive two years of specialised training and are then placed full time at home, where one person is living with an early stage diagnosis of dementia and lives with their full-time carer.

Following a successful match to an applicant family, the charity then tailor the dog’s skills to their specific needs, providing highly tailored assistance to help support their daily routine of waking, eating, taking medication, exercise, socialisation and sleeping patterns. 

Margaret Reynolds, owner of Dogrobes decided to get involved in the Dementia Dog Project following the death of her father who suffered with Alzheimer’s. She said how her poodle, Missie had helped him through the difficult days.

She said:“I knew Dogrobes could make a difference to the day-to-day lives of the carers and the dogs and we wanted to help. Using Dogrobes would save the carer time drying the dog and cleaning up the wet, muddy shake off, as well as providing a talking point. Plus the dogs would be warm and dry in no time.”

Fiona Corner, project manager for Dementia Dogs added: “Daily routines can be a secure anchor for families as the condition progresses; the dog acting as a household reminder can really help take some weight and worry off partners and carers. 

“We have also seen how the dog can help families start each day with a smile, and help them cope and feel more resilient to the daily challenges associated with living with dementia. 

“We are absolutely delighted to receive this generous support from Dogrobes which will help to keep this worthwhile and vital project going.”

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