SSPCA launches ‘Assured Puppy Breeder Scheme’

The SSPCA have announced the launch of its Assured Puppy Breeder Scheme.

This free scheme will mark the SSPCA’s “ongoing efforts to tackle the illegal puppy trade”.

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The voluntary scheme will put emphasis on responsible breeding puppy breeding, and will be made available to every dog breeder in Scotland. The public will then be able to view what breeders are members of the scheme through the SSPCA’s ‘Say no to Puppy Dealers’ website. 

The scheme will require responsible breeders to undertake pre-breeding health checks, allowing vets to detect a range of inherited diseases, preventing the transfer of disease from parents to puppies. 

Dr. Jerry Davies, chief scrutineer at the BVA, said: “Vets frequently see puppies bred in poor conditions or bought without a proper understanding of their welfare needs, leading to health or behavioural issues, so it is important to always consider how the puppies have been bred, reared and cared for in their first few weeks.”

He added: “We encourage all prospective puppy owners in Scotland to do their research before making a purchase to ensure that they are buying a healthy and happy puppy.” 

James Barnes, head of partnerships at Petplan, said: “We are proud to support the new Assured Puppy Breeder Scheme, and welcome the action the Scottish SPCA are taking to improve responsible buying and selling of pets. 

“Our priority is to ensure the health and wellbeing of all pets and we are delighted to be working in partnership with the Scottish SPCA to provide puppies with access to free veterinary care via the Petplan Breeder Scheme.”


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