Glasgow’s Dogs Trust to close early on Guy Fawkes due to ‘firework fears’

Dogs Trust Glasgow will be operating under reduced hours today (5 November) with an early closure of 4pm instead of 7:30pm.

The early closure is taking place so staff can “devote their time” to keep resident dogs as calm in an effort to protect them from firework fears. 

The dog charity has also appealed to the local community to “spare a thought for their pets during their festivities”.

Sandra Lawton, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Glasgow, said: “Many of us enjoy the experience of fireworks, especially when it comes to celebrations, but for our dogs it’s often a terrifying and confusing experience.

“Dogs have far more sensitive hearing than humans, so it is easy to imagine how loud fireworks would be for them.”

This comes following the death of 18-week-old puppy Molly from Wombwell, South Yorkshire, who suffered a heart attack due to distress caused by fireworks. 

More than half a million people have also signed a petition to get rules around fireworks changed to protect animals.

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