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Webbox releases music playlist to aid pets ahead of firework season

Pet food company, Webbox, has created a guide for owners to support their pets during firework season.

The company has researched and developed the guide which lists the “most calming” programmes on Netflix, as well as Spotify playlists, that worried pet owners can play for their pets.

The list aims to drown out the sound of the fireworks, which many pets perceive as a threat, with “calming sounds”.

Webbox, have also suggested other practical ways that owners can support their pets during the festive periods when the firework displays are frequent.

The Webbox Soothing Sounds Guide includes: “Our Planet”,“Queer Eye”,“Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”, “Coach Snoop” and The Great British Bake Off, to “help keep your pets calm.”

The three genres present on the “soothing Spotify playlists” are acoustic covers, calming instrumental covers, and chilled classics.

Camille Ashforth, senior brand manager at Webbox, said: “Firework season is often a very fearful time for pets. Bonfire Night, Halloween and New Year’s Eve are common dates for firework displays which may families enjoy. 

“We are glad to see that there is more awareness about the dangers of fireworks to pets and wild animals, however, it still remains an incredibly anxious time for pets.”

She added: “We have put this guide together in a bid to support pet owners. The programmes and music featured will help distract your pets and drown out the scary noises. 

The programmes and playlists are also likely to keep owners calm, as it’s often distressing for owners to see their pets so terrified.”

Webbox also offered tips for pet owners for the firework season which include:

  • Create a cosy den where your pet can snuggle up and sleep. Creating a den during firework season will help them feel safer, and further protect them from the sound of loud bangs.
  • Walk your dog before it gets dark and the fireworks start. A long walk in daylight will encourage them to snooze easier too.
  • Feed your dog before the fireworks start and make sure they have plenty of water. Anxiety in cats and dogs can result in them not eating their food and dogs may drink more when anxious, so tweaking your feeding routine might be beneficial.
  • Comfort your pet and reassure them wherever possible. Extra cuddles and strokes will ease your pet’s anxiety. Even though their anxiety may present itself in frustrating habits, such as incessant barking and running around the house, NEVER discipline your pet when they are scared.
  • Keep doors, windows and curtains shut to help reduce the sound of loud bangs and keep the smell of burning fireworks at bay – these factors can add to your pet’s anxiety.
  • Speak to your vet for further advice if you think your pet’s health is being seriously impacted by firework season.

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