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Kennel Club warns dog owners to keep microchips updated

Statistics show that 71% of owner’s details on microchipping databases are inaccurate.

Petlog, run by the Kennel Club, is one of the largest databases for microchipped animals and one of the only databases where users can ensure the money spent on microchipping goes back into dogs.

Since compulsory microchipping was introduced in April 2016, approximately 90% of dogs are microchipped, but statistics show that only 29% of dogs have microchips with accurate contact details.

The Kennel Club said means that “should a pet go missing on nights such as fireworks night and is subsequently found and scanned, the reunification process won’t work.”

Many dog owners are not aware that it is a legal requirement to ensure that the contact details are up to date. 

Jacquie Easton, Kennel Club chief operations officer, said: “Dogs can react very badly to the unfamiliar sights, sounds and even smells that are common on fireworks night – research shows that 40% of dogs are scared of fireworks. 

“The experience can be terrifying for dogs and result in them behaving unpredictably which can put their safety at risk.

She added: “It is a good time of year to ensure that owners’ microchip details are up to date and by registering with Petlog owners can be reassured that their money is put back into rescue and welfare organisations which are being supported by the provision of free services to help the rehoming process.”

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