Ongoing Brexit uncertainty hits pet food manufacturers 

A survey of UK pet food manufacturers by the trade body for the sector, the PFMA, has revealed that the last three and a half years of uncertainty and no-deal planning has damaged businesses.

Furthermore, it said urgent practical advice is needed to help smooth the bumps ahead as the UK prepares for a no-deal EU Exit by the 31 October deadline.

The survey highlighted:

  • A high level of uncertainty about what will happen if the UK leaves the EU without a deal (83%)
  • A strong view that government is not doing enough to prepare industry (77%)
  • Almost 60% of respondents confirmed that the decision to leave the EU, or planning for a No Deal, had damaged their business
  • Over 60% of businesses have put off investing in the future with expenditure diverted to No Deal planning or managing the ongoing uncertainty

In response to these findings, PFMA is hosting a webinar on 21 October to provide practical support and a step-by-step guide on what members need to do next.

PFMA CEO Michael Bellingham said: “Since 2016, PFMA has been guiding its members along this bumpy journey and whilst members have been planning for a no-deal EU Exit, guidance is still needed in a number of areas including tariffs, veterinary certificates, trading with the EU markets and even basic fundamentals such as filling out forms and documentation.

“We want to make sure we fill the knowledge gaps and help members continue their business operations as normally as possible.”

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