RCVS appoints John Innes as new Fellowship chair

John Innes has been appointed as the new Chair of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Fellowship Board after he was elected to the position by his peers.

As Fellowship Board chair Innes replaces Nick Bacon, who comes to the end of his three-year term in the role.

Four candidates stood for election, Robert Huey, John Innes, Liz Mossop and Ian Ramsey with 228 votes (representing 59% of the Fellowship) were cast, with Innes receiving a third of the votes.

His responsibilities as chair include making sure that the Fellowship progresses towards fulfilling its strategic goals, determining its ongoing strategy and objectives, and reporting to the RCVS Advancement of the Professions Committee on developments within the Fellowship.


Innes will be formally welcomed as chair of the Fellowship Board at the RCVS Fellowship Day this on 20 September.

Innes graduated from the University of Liverpool in 1991, he then studies at the University of Bristol Vet School for 10 years, completing his postgraduate surgery training and a PhD at the Rheumatology Unit of the Bristol Medical School, and becoming an RCVS-recognised Specialist in 2001.

Innes said: “I am delighted to have been elected as Chair of the Fellowship Board and, as stated in my manifesto, I look forward to helping the Fellowship in its mission to become the bedrock of science and ethics within the profession.

“The expansion of the Fellowship has been very welcome and I look forward to seeing the new vibrancy within our community continues to develop.”

Bacon added: “Thank you to Robert Huey, Liz Mossop, Ian Ramsey and John Innes for putting their names forward for the position of chair of the board. I was very pleased to see such engagement in the future of the Fellowship and I would like to thank the large number of Fellows who voted in this, our first, election. Thank you also for the RCVS for organising what was a very smooth process.”

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