PATS to launch new sustainability initiatives

PATS has announced two new sustainability initiatives, which will appear at the Telford show later this month (September).

There is to be a new prize for the most sustainable or ecologically friendly product submitted to the exhibition’s New Product Showcase, called the Green New Product Award.

The Green New Product Award will be judged from all the entries to the New Product Showcase, which every year features the latest in innovation from the pet industry. Head of pet at Dobbies Garden Centres, Sean Kelly, will be judging and presenting the award.

In addition, show organiser Gordon Thomas has pledged to plant 100 trees in conjunction with The Woodland Trust, to ensure the exhibition is doing its bit for the planet.

This is part of the exhibitions drive to become a carbon neutral event, with initiatives aimed at reducing the usage of single use plastics, with water dispensers available throughout the venue for refills and “vegware cups” to be used for hot drinks, which are fully recyclable.

Gordon said: “We believe that the biggest issue facing us all is our environmental impact on the planet. We all need to look at ways of protecting the environment and reducing our waste.

“The PATS team is aware that exhibitions can generate huge amounts of waste. Working with its contractors, the venue and with exhibitors, PATS will ensure it is doing as much as possible to reduce any impact on the environment and to limit any waste sent to landfill.”

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