Beaphar launches new ‘how to’ video to ‘help’ pet owners

Pet health manufacturer Beaphar has launched a new ‘how to get rid of fleas… for good’ video to educate consumers on spotting and treating fleas.

The video has launched to link with its recent shelf barker, which visually answered the common consumer question ‘which flea control product do I need?’, and then directed them to the most suitable flea product.

The video reminds consumers of the importance of not only treating their pet, but also treating their home, as this is where 95% of a flea’s life cycle takes place. It breaks it down into three steps, which are:

  • Treat your home – using a household flea treatment
  • Treat your pet – using an on-animal flea treatment that kills adult fleas, such as
  • Keep them protected – once the fleas are under control there’s an easier way to stay flea free.

Sue Huggett, Business manager, said: “We chose to build on our shelf baker messaging following positive feedback from our retailers, who found it a really clear and easy way for consumers to choose which Beaphar flea product best suited their current flea situation.

“This new video not only helps pet owners identify what they need to do to get rid of fleas, but also which Beaphar products they need to use and when.”

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