Royal Canin UK and Ireland appoints new GM

Pet food manufacturer Royal Canin has appointed Jimmy Park as general manager of Royal Canin UK and Ireland.

Since he joined Royal Canin Korea in 2012, sales have reportedly quadrupled and are forecast to reach £69m this year. Park also fronted the company’s strategy to move into the South Korean pet food market

Before joining the company, he led the consumer pharmaceutical division as sales director at GlaxoSmithKline Korea.

Park said: “I’m very thrilled to join the European leadership team of Royal Canin as Asian leader. At Royal Canin, all of the associates speak the same language for making a better world for pets.

“Royal Canin’s role is demonstrating tangible health benefits for cats and dogs through nutrition and services everywhere in the world. Based on this philosophy, I’ll be focusing on rejuvenating pet owner reach in collaboration with vet and pet professionals.”

Michael Kunze, Royal Canin’s regional president for Europe, added: “Jimmy Park has demonstrated strong business leadership in South Korea, where consumers are very sophisticated and technology savvy, but the pet food market is relatively emerging and fast growing.

“He will be instrumental in finding further growth opportunities in the relatively mature pet food market of the UK and Ireland,”

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