Iams partners with Father Fitness

Iams has partnered with fitness fanatic and Instagram influencer Father Fitness and his dog Yogi to raise awareness of how pets and owners can reap the benefits of exercising together.

Through engaging video and advice posts, Father Fitness will offer his top tips for getting the most out of a workout with your pet in tow, allowing owners to enjoy increased fitness levels, while boosting friendship with their four-legged friends.

Together with recommending a complete and balanced diet which supports pets’ vitality through tailored ingredients, Iams said retailers can also encourage owners to break away from their current routine and boost their activity levels with the following recommendations from Iams:

1. Play, play, play

Iams revealed 80% of owners enjoy regular walks with their dog. And recommends owners taking a ball along on their walk with them. Every time their dog goes to fetch, they could try out some muscle-building moves such as jumping squats, lunges or sit ups. They could even switch up their usual route and incorporate sprints to really get their heart rate up.

When it comes to cats, playtime is a great way to encourage activity. Owners can try interactive games, like wiggling a length of string across the floor just out of theircats reach or even rubbing their toys in catnip. It may take a little imagination, along with some trial and error but the key is to start slow, with just a few minutes of play at a time.

2. Take up a new hobby

If exercise isn’t something owners naturally enjoy, Iams suggests taking up a new hobby that has ta pet by your side. Iams said Rollerblading is a great way to walk dogs with a twist. Cycling is also a great option, especially if their dog requires a lot of exercise.

If your consumers are feeling really adventurous, paddle boarding offers a great opportunity to work the arms and abs while their dog sits at the nose in-between dips in the water.

3. Nutrition is key

For both humans and animals, small changes can lead to big differences when it comes to health and fitness. Pet behaviourist Naomi Opalinska recommends making mealtimes fun and removing the food bowl, opting instead for food puzzles that mimic the natural foraging and hunting behaviour of cats. For dogs, owners can encourage their natural instinct to scavenge and contribute to a boost in their wellbeing by hiding food around the house or garden.

4. Craft a home gym

Everyday household objects can double up as toys to encourage exercise – ping pong balls and the cardboard inside of kitchen paper rolls are both popular with our four-legged housemates. For those who have a cat, recommend opting for activities that encourage their natural instincts to hunt and climb, such as cat trees and scratching posts, but even everyday household items, like paper bags and cardboard boxes, can keep things novel.

5. Join a doggy boot camp

Doggy boot camps for pet and owner are becoming increasingly popular and there are already a few popping up across the country. Offering a range of activities from doggy yoga, hikes and sprints together with massage sessions and physiotherapy, these retreats provide a great opportunity for owner and pooch to up their fitness levels and enjoy some dedicated bonding time.

Commenting on the new partnership Iams said: “Whatever ways owners choose to keep fit with their pet, it’s important to remember to feed them a diet which will provide them with the vitality they need to be active. Iams for Vitality offers complete and balanced recipes which are tailored to fit all life stages, breed sizes and target specific needs, such as light in fat, dental and hairball reduction, while also containing no fillers, artificial colours, flavours or GMOs.

“What’s more, high-quality animal protein, 91% for cats and 85% for dogs3, and essential vitamins help to promote strong muscles, while an antioxidant blend with Vitamin E helps to support a strong immune system so owners can rest assured that whether they’re taking care of man’s best friend or a feline friend, they are full of vitality.”

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