Police Dog awarded animals’ George Cross

A courageous police dog, who was brutally slashed eight times while protecting his handler from an armed assailant, has been awarded a medal for bravery from vet charity, PDSA.

Bacca, who is now retired from West Mercia Police, sustained multiple injuries from the attacker, who was armed with a 10-inch knife. His handler, retired Police Constable Mike Davey, was also injured in the incident.

Bacca was presented with his PDSA Gold Medal, the animal equivalent of the George Cross, by the vet charity at a ceremony at Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

Davey, said: “Seeing Bacca recognised with such a prestigious award is truly fantastic. A year on from the incident and I am still in awe of his actions that night. He was attacked, repeatedly, and seriously injured, yet he continued to do his job. To me it highlights what a truly remarkable police dog he was throughout his career.

“He was there when I needed him – as he was for the eight years we worked together, and still is now in retirement – and I have no doubt that he saved my life that night.”

Richard Hooker, director of veterinary services, PDSA, added: “Bacca’s unstinting devotion to duty and determination to protect his handler, despite sustaining serious injuries, makes him a worthy recipient of the PDSA Gold Medal.

“The PDSA Animal Awards programme seeks to raise the status of animals in society and honour the incredible contribution they make to our lives. Bacca’s heroics are an extraordinary example of this and his bravery deserves the highest possible recognition.”

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