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UK dog food labels ‘too hard to read’, report finds

A survey of 2,000 British dog owners by has revealed that 44% find dog food labels difficult and at times “impossible to read”.

The survey also revealed that 30% say that dog food labels make it harder to maintain a healthy diet for their dog, and 28% of Brits say that the complicated food labels are the primary reason they find dog food shopping difficult.

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Additionally, 39% of those surveyed don’t feel that they know enough about the ingredients in the food they feed their dogs, and 44% of Brits wish there was a solution that would make figuring out dog food ingredients easier.

Stephanie Wenban, vet at and dog health expert, said: “The vast majority of pet owners want to provide nutrient rich foods for their animals.

“Many different dog breeds have different nutritional needs and may require different food to others, however it is becoming increasingly hard to decipher confusing labels that come with dog food packages. There needs to be a simpler solution to finding your loved pet the best food for them.”

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