Nutriment highest rated dog food supplier on All About Dog Food

Raw dog food manufacturer Nutriment is ranked as the highest rated dog food across all categories, on the dog food advice and rating website, All About Dog Food.

The website is completely independent and provides reviews, tips, advice, information and more than 90,000 visitors a month.

Nutriment’s core product range with adult, puppy and senior varieties, is the only dog food which has been awarded the maximum nutritional rating of 100%. The nutritional rating represents how beneficial the food is expected to be for the majority of dogs.

Foods and ingredients are scored according to a number of criteria, including bio-appropriateness, quality and bio-availability of nutrients, quantity of ingredients or class of ingredients, synergies between specific ingredients, the nutrients they contain and even dog food production methods.

Ryan Winwright, trade manager, Nutriment said: “It goes without saying that creating the highest quality raw pet food is a passion for all of us here at Nutriment. As a team of true dog lovers, being able to create raw food which contributes to the health and happiness of our pets is really rewarding. Continuing to be recognised for what we do and how we do it is something that makes us all very proud and drives us to continue our commitment and dedication to this industry.”

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