The Innocent Pet launches Christmas line

Pet treat company, The Innocent Pet, has launched two new festive dog treat products to its Christmas range, which is available for pre-order.

The Christmas Cake Mix combines air-dried British turkey and cranberries with a grain free flour blend and produces the ultimate dog-friendly festive bake. The kit consists of two sachets: one with air-dried British turkey and herb pieces, and the second sachet contains grain free flours, gluten free baking powder and a blend of cranberry, apple and nettle.

The Christmas Treat Collection contains two pouches of air-dried treats, turkey and cranberry triangles, and venison and apple bites are on the menu with this Christmas treat.

Founder, Chloe Heaton, said: “The Christmas market is flooded with re-packaged everyday products that are often tacky and unhealthy with excessive packaging. We wanted to offer retailers something different, exclusively for the festive season, that adds a touch of class and luxury to their Christmas range.”

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