Petlife launches SuperNature line

Pet food manufacturer Petlife, has launched its new Super Shaker line, forming part of the SuperNature range.

Super Shakers consist of natural ingredients, with four containing air dried chicken and another as a meat free option, Super Raw with flaxseed. They are to be used on a supplementary basis, and can be shaken onto meals or mixed with water to form a gravy.

All the superfood shakers contain MaxiCell – a cellular health complex with a unique and
natural blend of pure nucleotides and essential micronutrients, designed in collaboration with vets, nutritionists and immunologists.

The five shakers aim to support the immune system, improves and maintains skin and coat condition and help to fight plaque and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

James Hancock, sales and marketing director, Petlife International said: “Always looking to add extend and add quality to the Petlife range of dog, cat and small animal products, SuperNature is the perfect fit for us and will be available shortly from distributors of our products.”

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