Pet industry celebrates Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Bring Your Dog to Work Day has been embraced by the industry, since its launch in 2014 by pet care brand HOWND. Here is how the industry its celebrating this year.

Pet food manufacturer Fish4Dogs are among many sponsors for the yearly event, and are already a dog friendly office, usually having 12 dogs around the premises, but they expect to welcome around 20 dogs for this year’s event.


The team celebrated early, hosting an event in the grounds of its Worcestershire office, they were joined by two of its key partners, Birmingham Dogs Home and the UK Flyball League.

Event organiser Theresa Hayes said: “In support of National Bring Your Dog To Work Day and to help raise awareness of this charitable event, we also want to show businesses just how easy it can be to have dogs in the workplace as a permanent fixture when managed appropriately. Having dogs in the office is hugely beneficial for general staff wellbeing. In the 12 years we have been a dog-friendly workplace we have found it to create a wonderful working environment which helps to increase productivity and staff retention.”

Dog holiday provider Barking Mad are attempting a world record to celebrate the event, for the most amount of dogs to appear in a webinar.

Bring Your Dog to Work are celebrating the event by with a competition, with sponsors donating products. Dog owners simply need to sign up and make a minimum of £10 donation. They can then upload a picture of their beloved dog and simply describe their dog’s work duties.

Jo Amit of HOWND said: “Bring Your Dog To Work Day has really taken off over the last six years. We have some incredible sponsors on board and the goodwill and support is tremendous. People have really taken the day to heart and organise some great workplace events to celebrate bringing their dogs to work, it’s such a treat for dogs and their owners alike and great fun for everyone”.

Lily’s Kitchen, Poppy’s Picnic, Covetrus, Purely Pets, Barking Max, Nylabone, Vita Animal Health, Omlet, Dogrobes, The Office Dog, Ruff and Tumble, Webbox Natural, Butternut Box, HiLife, Pure Pet Food, are sponsoring the day and donating prizes and many more signing up every day to take part in this annual event that is raising money for All Dogs Matter and Animals Asia.

The celebration is backed up by multiple studies, which claim having pets in the office creates a better working environment.

According to research from Workthere, 44% of workers believe an office dog would improve productivity, and 34% believe a dog would make them happier at work. Some 43% of people aged between 18-24 admit they would be more likely to apply for a job that allowed dogs in the office.

Poppy’s Picnic revealed, 72% of Brits think stress levels would improve with animals in the workplace, with 49% specifically stated that they thought there should be more pet dogs in offices, according to research conducted by Ginger Research.

Research has shown that the presence of dogs can have a therapeutic effect and can reduce conditions such as high blood pressure. Studies have also shown that dogs have the power not just to reduce stress, but improve task performance, social interaction, productivity, wellbeing and even job satisfaction among employees.

Bosses at pet emergency service Vets Now, believe a dog-friendly office, make their workplace a more relaxing and enjoyable place to be.


Mark Ross, chief executive of Vets Now said: I don’t think there are many businesses that have been welcoming dogs into their offices for as long as Vets Now. But we’re proud to have pioneered this and it’s proven to be a real boon for our staff. The whole experience has been overwhelmingly positive for us.

“There are several benefits to having dogs in the workplace. For example, research shows they help lower stress among staff. But in addition to that, studies show they also help increase cooperation and people who have dogs at their feet are perceived as more friendly and approachable.

“It also gets people on their feet, away from their desks, helping foster discussion and

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