HiLife unveils new packaging for 100% natural pet food range

Pet food brand HiLife has unveiled a new look design for the pouches, boxes and bags in its natural range of cat and dog food.

Featuring illustrations rather than photography, the new packaging depicts a playful brown and white dog and a cute black cat, framed by tonal leaves. Highlighting the range’s all natural recipes, the new look also showcases key ingredients and the percentage of meat or fish is displayed on the front of each pack.

Designed to catch the eye whilst sharing the recipe content, this design is expected to stand out from other brands on the shelf.

Owned by Town and Country Petfoods, the company developed the HiLife ‘it’s only natural’ range using 100% natural ingredients such as meat, fish and garden vegetables. Produced with the health-conscious pet owner in mind, each of the hand prepared dishes contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives – meeting the growing demand for natural pet food made with high quality ingredients and attention to provenance.

Tony Parkinson, managing director at HiLife, said: “For the nine million dogs and 7.5 million cats in the UK, owners only want the best food for their pets, scrutinising food quality more closely than ever before.

“With a growing group of pet owners now looking for the same level of quality in pet food as the food they feed themselves, it was important that the new packing for our HiLife it’s only natural range clearly shows what pet owners can expect. We also want to offer our customers packaging that not only stands out in the shops but looks great stacked in their kitchen cupboards too.”

The new look HiLife it’s only natural range is available for retailers to order now.

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