Wilsons Pet Food launch new Cold Press Working Dog Food

Perthshire-based pet food company, Wilsons Pet Food, has launched a range of Working Dog cold press recipes to add to its existing range of Cold Pressed Dog Food.

The range is available in three varieties, pork, peas, sweet potato with apple; chicken, sweet
potato and peas; and beef, peas, sweet potato with carrot. The lower temperatures used in the cold press technology are said to make sure that all the goodness that is contained in these fragile herbs are not destroyed in the manufacturing process.

The recipes contain a number of superfoods including ginger, turmeric, thyme, cranberry and dandelion root, alongside active ingredients which claim to aid digestibility and support the immune system, skin, coat and joints.

Craig Wallace, managing director of Wilsons Pet Food said: “Although our muesli products form part of our heritage, which we are incredibly proud of; it’s time to update our range in order to offer the best nutrition we can. We want to offer the highest quality dog food in both wet and dry food, and for a dry food we believe a cold pressed option is the best way to meet the demands and needs of a working dog.”

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