Petlife launches new odour eating range

Petlife is releasing two new products, Stink Off and 7 Day Fresh, into the pet industry to help remove smells from pets and their surroundings.

Stink Off working on contact with the surface, it works by integrating with the nasty elements of bad smell molecules, therefore changing the molecule’s properties. Stink Off is said to  remove bad odours immediately and permanently.

immediately, with Stink Off and then over a seven-day period, targeting  with 7 Day Fresh

7 Day Fresh works over a seven-day period and targets bedding, furniture and carpets with the use of microcapsule technology which contains a “gentle, slow” fragrance release to work as an odour barrier. The barrier is activated by motion, a dog’s paw on a carpet for instance.

James Hancock, sales and marketing director Petlife said: “Stink Off and 7 Day Fresh are perfect additions to our range of Otodex products. Our number one brand is trusted by professionals in the pet industry as well as dog, cat and small animal owners.

“Both products have generated much interest when previewed at recent trade shows, being both unique and a much-needed immediate solution to pet smells in the home”


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