Beaphar launches ‘worming made easy’ campaign

Beaphar UK has announced the launch of its consumer campaign on how easy it is for cat and dog owners to get effective worming treatments from the pet shop.

The campaign will see the launch of new videos about the firm’s Beaphar Wormclear product as well as discount vouchers. The videos, which the pet product manufacturer says will aim to “incentivise pet-owners to get into pet shops” will be posted to Beaphar’s social media platforms.

Dr Sue Huggett, UK business manager at Beaphar, said: “Many pet-owners believe that the only place to get an effective wormer is from their vet, when in fact they are available over the counter from pet retailers.

“This year’s campaign really focuses on the ‘easy’ aspect of worming. Our point-of-sale and online activity is all based around highlighting to pet-owners that worming their pet doesn’t need to be a difficult or time-consuming task. By increasing their knowledge about worming and the worming products available, we can drive them into pet shops, thus increasing sales for retailers.

“We feel it’s really important to highlight these three facts, as all of them can be potential barriers that prevent pet-owners from worming. If they feel that worming their pet is too difficult, too expensive or too much trouble, then the health of both their pet and their family can be at risk, as some worms can be transmitted from pets to people.”

She added: “It is essential that adult cats and dogs are wormed at least once every three months in order to remain healthy and happy. Beaphar WORMclear® kills roundworms and tapeworms – the two most common worms that cats and dogs in the UK suffer from – and is just as effective as many veterinary brands. The tablets themselves are a delicious meaty flavour, meaning most cats and dogs readily accept them.”

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