Webbox Natural celebrates ‘real pets’ with new campaign

Pet food brand, Webbox Natural, has celebrated the diversity and uniqueness of pet ownership with its latest campaign; ‘Real Pets, Real People, Real Life’.

The company said that whilst the rural lifestyle is presented as the ideal by most natural pet food brands, this is far from the reality for most owners.

Andy and Doris

Research conducted by Mintel in August 2018 found that over 60% of dog owners and 70% of cat owners live in cities and towns and that an interest in natural foods is highest in these areas.

Annabelle and George

‘Real Pets, Real People, Real Life’ features a cat called George who enjoys being pushed around in a pram by his young owner, Annabelle and pub-going Ralph who waits patiently for a pint (of water!) at his local. In total, the campaign comprises 13 animals and their owners.

The multi-channel marketing campaign will be supported by in-store promotions within national and independent Webbox Natural retailers, as well as a TV advert.

Webbox Natural made its debut TV appearance in 2018 and the ad is set to support the new campaign again appearing on a selection of national and regional TV channels.

Jarvis and Martha

Julie Butcher, head of marketing at Webbox Natural, said: “We wanted a campaign that would challenge the often-unrealistic portrayals of pet ownership and align with the 100% natural ingredients in our food. So we decided to stay away from the stereotypical visuals of wax-jacket and welly-wearing owners living out amongst the rolling hills and pleasant valleys.

“In reality, pets aren’t perfect. They’re naughty, boisterous, cheeky, funny, cute, crazy, lazy – but we love them for it and we believe our new campaign champions these real pet personalities whilst celebrating their owners and the lives they live.”

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