Companion Consultancy launches training division for retail sector

Following the recent appointment of Emma Sharp, veterinary-run PR and marketing agency Companion Consultancy, has announced the launch of a new training and development service.

Sharp, whose background includes over 20 years of experience working within sales, will head up the new training division. On offer will be a diverse range of courses for all levels of business within the retail and animal health sector.

Companion Consultancy believes training is key to the success and growth of any business, and as a result the company has decided to add this service to its business. It will offer a range of training courses from sales focused subjects such as overcoming objections and influencing skills to more general courses such as customer service skills and understanding learning styles.

The agency will also offer a range of managerial courses such as interviewing techniques, team management and performance development skills to help facilitate strong leadership, staff retention and job satisfaction. All courses will be tailored to the client’s needs and can be delivered within the client’s offices or independent venues.

Sharp joined Companion Consultancy in February this year and her background includes working on brands such as Horse and Hound, Marie Claire and Country Life. In recent years she has worked within the Animal Health Care sector, relaunching a magazine and website dedicated to the SQP market. She launched the National SQP Awards in 2017 as well as various conferences around the UK.

Sharp said: “Investment in people and the commitment a business makes to support and develop staff creates an environment where job satisfaction is at its highest. When people feel happy and supported, there are significant results. Productivity is high, quality of work is good and staff turnover is low. The current economic climate is unpredictable and very competitive so focusing on the assets a company has is critical.”

Managing director and founder of Companion Consultancy, Susan McKay, added: “Emma brings with her a wealth of experience in sales and marketing. She has extensive experience in training sales teams as well as all levels of management. Her passion for developing people is evident. We think she will be a great asset to the companion team and we look forward to her delivering fantastic courses and workshops in the coming months.”

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