Fish4Dogs supports Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Fish4Dogs has launched a guide to support other workplaces in how to become dog-friendly, ahead of Bring Your Dog To Work Day..

The pet food manufacturer is supporter of Bring Your Dog To Work Day, held on 21 June, and has between 11 and 20 dogs at its offices everyday throughout the year. The guide ‘Canine Colleagues – Your guide to creating a dog-friendly workplace’ has been produced to share the benefit of its experiences, outlining the benefits of having dogs in the office.

Jo Little, head of marketing, has outlined her top tips for having dogs in the office, these include establishing a best practice framework and consulting staff in order to establish a considerate way of working.

Little said: “You can’t have dogs in an office environment and still work effectively without guidelines. We considered a whole raft of issues such as socialisation, animal welfare, health and safety, hygiene and workflow to formulate key guidelines which are given to every new member of staff.

“For the owners, it’s much nicer to be able to bring your dog to work but being a dog-friendly workplace also has benefits for the organisation as a whole. It’s great for team-building and morale, having the dogs there reduces stress and encourages us to exercise, ensuring that the dogs get regular toilet breaks and lunchtime walks.”

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