Fish4Dogs announces UAE partnership

Fish4Dogs has announced a new trading partnership in the UAE by hosting a ‘discovery event’ at the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club.

The pet food manufacturer partnered with pet care company Arab Land Trading, to host more than 80 guests from pet retail outlets and veterinary centres. The event showcased the Fish4Dogs’ range of treats and food for dogs and cats, and examined how fish appealed to pet palates.

Arab Land Trading is run by husband and wife team Farah Al Khojai and Fareed Belalcazar who set up the business in 2001. It acts as a wholesale distributor to retailers and veterinary centres in the UAE and Gulf states and focuses on natural and nutritious pet foods to support pet health and wellbeing. The couple also runs a retail chain called, Pets Delight.

Samantha Randle, UK and international sales manager for Fish4Dogs, said: “I have worked with Farah and Fareed previously and know Arab Land Trading to be a very reputable business which has pet welfare at the heart of everything it does. The UAE has a strong ex-pat community who may already be familiar with the Fish4Dogs brand so we predict that it will become a firm favourite with its customers.”

ALT managing director, Fareed Belalcazar, added: “We are constantly listening to the feedback from our customers in the UAE, and were receiving more and more requests for a fish-based line of products from customers who have pets with allergies or intolerances that make a fish diet the best choice.

“Fish4dogs fills this gap in the market with its vast range of complete foods and treats for cats and dogs. Fish4Dogs is a reputable brand across the world, which makes it popular with our expat customers, and we are delighted to welcome it into our portfolio.”

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