Video consultant FirstVet to launch in UK

Swedish veterinary video platform, FirstVet, has announced it is to expand into the UK.

FirstVet provides a digital platform for consultation on veterinary queries, via 10 to 15 minute videos. FirstVet has experienced accelerated growth in Sweden, with user numbers more than doubling since last summer.

Through the videos consultants can offer advice and prescriptions, as well as referral to the nearest appropriate clinic, or confirm that a health issue is not serious.

David Prien, co-founder and CEO of FirstVet, said: “Telemedicine has proven increasingly integral to human healthcare, and our animal friends should benefit too. Through FirstVet we establish a natural first point of contact before assessing whether comprehensive physical treatment at a vet is needed.

Veterinary care is not subsidised by the government, so people need to know that they can depend upon a service that is both reliable and cost-effective.”

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