Fish4Dogs set to launch TV campaign

Fish4Dogs is set to undertake its first-ever television advertising campaign next month, encouraging dog owners to ‘Switch to Fish’.

‘The Run’ features a man and his dog enjoying their run over the moors as they consider the health benefits of switching the dog’s diet to fish.

Launched at Crufts, the new campaign urges owners to “consider overall health and obesity challenges and is supported by the use of #Switch to Fish”. The advert will be accompanied by an extensive programme of digital activity to highlight potential benefits of a fish-based diet.

Graham Smith, CEO for Fish4Dogs, said that the television ad was an “exciting step” for the Worcestershire-based company which employs 52 members of staff while exporting to more than 35 countries across the globe.

Smith added: “Creating our first TV commercial has been a major undertaking. We make premium quality dog and cat food, not TV commercials so we needed the support of an experienced agency that understood our brand values and how to create a great TV ad.

“Walker, based in Bournemouth, has assisted us with all aspects of the TV production – from creative scripting which needed to mirror our brand values, through to identifying locations, casting for the talent – our two-legged and four-legged stars and the shoot itself.

“We got to spend a lovely couple of days on location around the Saddleworth Moors towards the end of last year ‘making the magic happen’. Having tested a final cut, we are very pleased with the end result which can only help in making Fish4Dogs a household name.”

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