Henry Bell & Co launches wild bird brand

Henry Bell and Co, the family-owned and leading quality animal feed producer has announced the release of its own brand, Henry Bell Wild Bird Care.

Henry Bell has over 20 years’ experience in the bird food industry and has been pivotal in the growth of many private label wild bird food brands. The company has now combined its strong expertise and knowledge to launch its own range of products specially designed to provide health and wellbeing for wild birds.

The Henry Bell Wild Bird Care range is comprised of over 100 products catering for every type of garden bird. Created to meet their specific needs, the range includes mixed seeds, straights such as peanuts, sunflower seeds and mealworms, suet and fat balls – available in various sizes and formats.

Complementing the food range, the company is also introducing The Henry Bell Wild Bird Care Collection, a range of bespoke and adaptable accessories. It includes the ‘Essential’ and premium ‘Heritage’ collections which feature a broad range of feeders and feeding stations at “market-leading prices”.

Tom Lee, Henry Bell’s MD, said: “We’ve built strong pedigree in the animal feed industry and with decades of expertise, it was a natural step for Henry Bell to launch its own brand. Henry Bell Wild Bird Care is focused on excellence and we worked hard at designing a range that places the wellbeing of birds centre stage.

“We know that both the superior quality and attractive packaging of our food and accessories will resonate with both professionals and consumers alike – and will get wild birds coming back for more.”

The company also unveiled new branding which focuses on its 175 plus years of experience and heritage as a British business. The range showcases a modern packaging design that’s reflective of the quality of its feeds and complementary accessories.

Henry Bell Wild Bird Care will be available across the UK in garden centres, pet shops and mainstream retailers from July 2019.

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