Webbox Natural increases work with StreetVet charity

Leading pet food brand, Webbox Natural has bolstered its partnership with animal welfare charity, StreetVet, by further developing the packages it donates.

Webbox Natural has been supporting the homeless dog charity with regular food donations since November 2017 but has strengthened its support by developing ‘Forever Home Packages’ for those individuals who manage to find a hostel place with their pet or a permanent home.

The initiative will run for the next 18 months and will ensure the dogs are each supported for six months, helping both the owner and dog have the best chance of succeeding in the next chapter of their lives. This will be in addition to supplying regular donations of wet and dry food for the charity’s nationwide outreach programme

To date StreetVet has treated over 600 patients, the charity has vaccinated and microchipped, treated for fleas, protected against lungworm, prescribed pain relief, helped fight infections, and performed surgeries.

StreetVet co-founder, Jade Statt, said: “Having started out in 2016 as two vets with backpacks treating dogs in London, we never dreamt less than three years later we’d be a registered charity with more than 400 volunteers across the country.

“Webbox has supported us since the early days of our operation and we’re incredibly thankful for their ongoing support. Like us, their priority is animal welfare and we’re very proud to have them as one of our charity partners.”

Julie Butcher, head of marketing at Webbox, added: “The work that StreetVet does to support homeless people and their dogs is invaluable. The health and wellbeing of their canine companions is often a major priority for their owners, so we’re only too happy to support the cause.

“The donations help to ensure that owners don’t have to worry about being able to feed their pets, as well as themselves whilst they are homeless and beyond, with our ‘Forever Home packages,’ offering continued support to the dogs whose owners manage to find a permanent residence or hostel place.”

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