Nutravet releases new introductory pack sizes of Nutraquin+

Following client feedback from a recent survey, vet nutraceuticals and pet supplements manufacturer Nutravet have introduced new introductory pack sizes of its joint support product Nutraquin+.

Launched at BSAVA Congress 2019, the new smaller 30 packs provide a low-cost introduction for pet owners, allowing them to test the range at a lower entry point.

Nutraquin+ is a joint support product containing high strength, natural ingredients that help to maintain healthy joint function in dogs, cats and horses.

The company claims the benefits of Nutraquin+ are noticeable, on average within seven days due to its high strength formula and the inclusion of Boswellia Extract, which supports the natural systems that control inflammation.

Matthew Shaw, managing director of Nutravet, said: “Since its introduction 10 years ago, Nutraquin+ has been the market leader in fast-acting joint health Nutraceuticals, but we’re always looking for ways to improve and following feedback from clients, we have made the product even more accessible to cat and dog owners.

“The new smaller packs will allow our authorised veterinary practices to offer them as introductory packs to clients wishing to try Nutraquin+ for their pets. On the face of it many joint supplements can appear good value for money, however many are very low in strength. The Nutraquin range provides the highest strength products for pets whilst delivering the most affordable price.”

Nutraquin+ is exclusive to veterinary practices and following its launch at BSAVA Congress the smaller packs will be available for sale to authorised practices directly from Nutravet.

The new Nutraquin+ packs are manufactured with minimal environmental impact and sustainability in mind and are sold in packaging made from 100% recycled materials.

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