Naturediet partners with Glenkrag in Ireland

Independent dog food manufacturer, Naturediet Pet Foods has announced it has partnered with Irish distributor Glenkrag.

Naturediet said it was “proud to be the first UK dog food manufacturer” to specialise in Tetra Pak cartons as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wet food packaging such as single-use plastic trays and pouches.

Naturediet has recently introduced new, smaller 200g pack sizes for its Feel Good range and launched its Purely Range and Feel Good treats in the Tetra Pak cartons.

Employing over 80 employees, Glenkrag is located 15 miles north of Belfast and works with over 800 retail outlets and vets across the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Founded in 1980, the company boasts its own fleet of delivery vehicles with a delivery service to the whole of Ireland.

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