Aroma Petcare Solutions launches ‘unique’ odour banishing product

Pet owners wanting to get rid of lingering odours of “wet dog” smells and cat pee pongs are being given a “helping hand” with a new bio enzyme cleaner from Aroma Petcare Solutions.

Designed to give pet owners confidence about welcoming visitors into their homes without worrying about pet smells, the Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula aims to get rid of such odours.

The new bio enzyme spray safely eradicates smells by tackling the cause directly rather than covering them up. The bio enzymatic ingredients are selected to “attack” a range of chemicals that give rise to smells in urine, poop and vomit and turn them into “different, less offensive” chemicals.

It also removes any “bad bacteria” in pet accident spills that could lead to smells arising later on, especially on carpet or soft furnishings.

As well as the beneficial bacteria, it contains colloidal silver, which has antibacterial properties, and natural botanicals of pink grapefruit, lemon, aloe vera and tea tree to leave behind a fresh perfume instead of pet smells.

Quentin Steele, co-founder of Aroma Petcare Solutions, said: “We all love our pets, of course we do, but not everyone else is keen to visit a house that smells perpetually of cat and dog, stale pee or even worse, poop.

“Naturally we don’t want any malodours from accidents to linger around. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve cleaned up a mess, only for the smell to come back again hours later from the sofa or carpet or chair. That kind of smell can really get into a house and be a social barrier as well as a daily irritant to those living there. It can get out of control.”

He added: “Luckily, smells can be eradicated with a bio enzymatic spray that tackles the root cause of malodours at a molecular level. We designed Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula to prevent “stale house syndrome” because we know how good it is to keep a fresh and happy home.”

The bio enzyme formula comes in concentrated form in a 250ml bottle which can make up 25 small bottles (110ml) of ready-to-use enzyme spray, working out at a price of 45 pence per small bottle.

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