Arcadia Reptile releases the LampGuardPro

Reptile product manufacturer Arcadia Reptile has released its newest product, the LampGuardPro, which will be available from Friday 15 March.

LampGuardPro is a lamp caging system which aims to protects both animals and UV lamps. The lamp cage has been designed by experts to allow as much light through the mesh as possible.

This is to ensure high levels of protection while maintaining maximum levels of essential UV-B. This is acheived by using a specially chosen mesh size and shape, paint colour and by applying a thick gloss coating over the wire. By doing so, Arcadia Reptile has attempted to ensure that as much light as possible passes through the mesh and animals remain well supplied for.


Commercial mesh coverings can reduce light-flow by 40% from new while the LampGuardPro claims to gets this down to around 15% of total light energy and which remains stable after that.

LampGuardPro is made to be easy to fit as it requires just four suitable screws. It has also been fitted with hinges both sides to allow just two screws to be removed quickly.

The lamp cage is rust resistant and can be wiped down when needed and it has also been designed with multiple cable ingress points. This means that LampGuardPro can be used with reflected T8 and HO-T5 lamps with separate controllers and Arcadia’s HO-T5 linking ProT5 UVB system.

A spokesperson for the company said: “It is vital that we protect our animals from all potential sources of harm. LampGuardPro will not only protect your animals from touching, or in the case of snakes, small lizards, frogs and inverts coiling around or sitting on a hot lamp, but it also helps guide electrical cables away from the lamp where they can be secured out of harm’s way.”

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