Eukanuba celebrates 50th year

Cat and dog food brand Eukanuba said it is proud to celebrate 50 years of expertise in delivering tailored life stage nutrition, helping dogs and their owners to live life well together.

Having cared for dogs since 1969 with its dog nutrition, Eukanuba initially introduced its life stage tailoring through its first puppy recipe in 1986.

The brand has continued to introduce innovative products to the market including the first senior formula with an antioxidant blend in 1997 and the first puppy diet with a proven level of Omega 3 DHA in 2004 to help improve trainability.

The brand has continued to develop new products with an aim to provide high quality food for a dog’s nutritional wellbeing.

Eukanuba relaunched in 2018, in response to the 78% of owners who said they wanted tailored life stage products for their pets. The new range combined fresh and dried chicken with turkey for high quality animal protein to support each life stage and dog size.

According to the U&A Links 2016, Dog Specialist Pet / Food Store Shoppers, 82% of shoppers know what they want to purchase before they enter a store. Because of this, Eukanuba has launched a 50th birthday campaign that is led digitally to raise awareness by targeting shoppers before they enter a store to help drive awareness and in turn purchase.

The campaign will be launched at Crufts 2019 with the brand celebrating its eighth consecutive year as principle sponsor.

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