Vince the Vet launches new detox products

Holistic vet, Dr Vince MacNally, has developed and launched two new clinically proven pet remedies under his Vince the Vet Pet Remedies brand to help detoxify pet cats and dogs.

MacNally said dogs and cats are exposed to a large number of chemicals used in cleaning products which are capable of damaging internal organs and harming health. He added it was important that these organs were supported, and the body eliminates these and similar toxic substances as effectively as possible.

MacNally, said: “There are literally tens of thousands of chemicals used in the home, industries, agriculture and food production, with the number increasing by 2,000 new compounds per year according to The Natural Environment Research Council.

“The harmful effect of environmental chemicals is magnified in dogs and cats because of their relatively small size, and the fact that they swallow substances that collect on paws, fur and skin during self-grooming.”

He added: “A simple, gentle, natural and effective cleansing regime is to give the Vince the Vet’s Intestinal Cleanse and Organ Cleanse. Several drops taken twice daily for seven to 10 days and added to a pet’s drinking water will help to cleanse the body’s organs.”

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