Welsh pet shops could be banned from selling kittens and puppies

Welsh ministers are to put plans into consultation over a ban for the sale of puppies and kittens in the country’s pet shops.

Rural affairs minister Lesley Griffiths said she had seen clear evidence that the sales can contribute to an increased risk of disease. A ban would mean that potential buyers would have to deal directly with breeders or a rehoming centre. The public will have until 17 May this year to give their opinions on a potential ban.

Griffiths said: “There is clear evidence that the sale of puppies and kittens via third parties has the potential to contribute to an increased risk of disease and a lack of socialisation and habituation for the puppies and kittens, compared to when people buy directly from the breeder. The vast majority of those buying a new puppy or kitten do so with the best of intentions.

“However, it is not always immediately apparent to the buyer where their new pet originated, or in what conditions it was raised. This consultation is an opportunity to gather as much information as possible to enable us to make lasting improvements to the welfare of puppies and kittens bred in Wales.”

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