Verity & Voss become exclusive distributors for Kiwi Walker

Pet accessories business Verity and Voss are now the exclusive distributors for pet accessory brand, Kiwi Walker in the UK and Ireland following the launch of pet toys, beds leads, collars bowls, treats and travel accessories for dogs at Pats Sandown.

Kiwi Walker’s range of toys are made from TPR foam which floats, is chewable, grippy and tough. The toys are available in two sizes and come in blue, pink, yellow and green colour options – the Kiwi signature Biff Bang Pow! colour range. The shapes are designed to stimulate and encourage play – chasing, fetching, chewing and tugging. There are options of a ball, ring, Frisbee, zeppelin or octopus shape design.

Kiwi Walker squeakies are a range of latex whistle toys which comes in various sizes and colours including “classic cars”, a plane and a kayak, all moulded from latex rubber.

The Kiwi Walker sleep range consists of beds and mattresses which use orthopaedic memory foam. With hypo-allergenic properties the foam moulds and adjusts to weight, relieves pressure on joints and promotes natural spine alignment. The beds and mattresses have removable covers designed to be easy to strip down and wash.

Designs range from a flat throw mattress to sofa and border beds that support and cuddle in reversible warm/cool materials. Kiwi blankets are available in four colours, two sizes, are double-sided, super-soft, fully washable and offer decadent dog luxury.

The Kiwi Walker apparel range consists of collars, leashes and harnesses and are available in a range of sizes to fit any size dog.

The treats range consists of freeze or air dried 100% pieces of meat, fish and fruit and are available, in bags or jars, in chunks and strips. There are no preservatives, colouring or additives of any kind.

The Kiwi black bowl is a classic bowl made from ABS plastic and is available in four colours and has side handles. The cheese bowl is a two part solution with a heavy base and a light stainless steel upper and non slip feet. The UFO has a non slip vulcanised rubber base and features raised legs. The travel bowl is a pop-up double collapsible bowl housed in a zipped pouch that comes in a range of bright colours.

The Kiwi travel range allows pet owners to carry the entire dog’s paraphernalia in a portable fashion and includes a pet carrier is made from nylon and polyester and comes in one size. It has a ‘rewards pocket’ which is a snap-close silicon treat holder that clips to the owner’s belt. The travel bottle comes in a 750ml, 500ml or 350ml size and is a silicon sealed 2-in-1 food and water bottle with carry clip for a bike, belt or rucksack. The travel bowl (350ml) has a velcro attachment to the base and comes in a nylon carry bag. The waste bags are five rolls of 15 bags, are biodegradable and leak proof. The waste bag case bag clips to a belt and takes a Kiwi waste bag.


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