Bestpets launches new consumer-facing collateral

Bestpets, the specialist pet care division of Bestway Wholesale, has launched new consumer facing collateral to help its Bestpets Local Retail Club customers to drive sales and to help suppliers raise awareness of their products among consumers.

The new collateral includes a resized monthly consumer flyer, new shelf edge labels and redesigned A3 posters. Launched for the Bestpets January 2019 promotional cycle, the redesign has enabled the national pet wholesaler to add an extra promotion to each of its 12 annual promotional periods.

Changes to the flyer are:

  • The flyer has been resized to a single-fold A4 design, perfect for posting to consumers and with a much more convenient layout when compared to the previous square flyer which had a double-sided gatefold advert that consumers had to fold out to read the deals
  • The new format four page flyer now includes extra space for supplier adverts, to support new product launches and brand building
  • Each monthly flyer can now support a 15th, stand-out Premium Promotion, with a specific space designed for editorial coverage to outline the product features and benefits to consumers
  • The flyer has been rebranded with stand-out background (alternating every other month between yellow and blue) and red roundels to highlight the promotional price for each product; a colour combination known to give good value perception.

The new A3 posters and shelf edge labels have also had the same redesign applied as the flyer, providing extra space for more promotions and using red and yellow & blue as the stand-out colours to improve value perception among consumers.

Peter Brame, director of trading – pet, said: “Our Bestpets Local Retail Club is designed to help drive footfall, increase profit and raise the profile of independent pet stores through keen promotions and impactful point of sale. We are always listening to customer feedback and looking for new ways to develop the Retail Club offer.

“This redesign has been about improving the value proposition our retail customers can offer consumers, by increasing the number of deals advertised in our monthly promotions and using the most value-creating colours.

“A simple change like this can have a great impact for customer sales and also supports our suppliers with more space for promotions and a special monthly feature to highlight product features and benefits for one leading deal.”

Tony Charlton of Tony’s Pet and Garden Supplies in South Shields, added: “Consumers like the red pricing as it stands out. The posters are bright and stand out overall too – they catch the eye of customers passing by and are easy on the eye.”

The new collateral is available to all Bestpets Local Retail Club customers via the Bestpets website or their local depot.

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