FourFriends Pet Food introduces new meat sausages

Leading Swedish pet food manufacturer, FourFriends Pet Food has launched in the UK with a new range of complete cat food.

Its latest product, FourFriends meat sausages can be used as a complete food for cats in their own right or can be combined with the FourFriends complete dry food to provide added texture, moisture and variety to the cat’s diet.

The meat sausages are sugar-free and do not contain any added chemical flavouring or preservatives. They are also grain and gluten free. A 200g sausage is a daily ration for a medium-sized cat of about 4 kg. Each sausage contains 95% meat combined with broth is also filled with vitamins and minerals. FourFriends meat sausages come ready for use and must be served at room temperature.

The 200g sausages are available in chicken, duck and turkey varieties. They can be purchased individually or are available in boxes of 27.

Adrian Wilkinson, director of FourFriends Pet Foods in the UK, said: “One of the key factors that is most noticeable about the cat food market in the UK is the lack of choice compared to the dog food market. Diets that cater for specific dietary needs and life stages are now beginning more prominent on pet shop shelves but the choice is still not quite as large as it is for dogs.

“At FourFriends we think it is important to offer the pet owner a range of options from tinned wet foods, tailored dry foods and meat sausages which are easy to portion out giving pet owners added convenience and also helping to avoid pet obesity. As with the dog food market we are also seeing a shift towards natural and healthy ingredients as cat owners are gradually becoming more knowledgeable about what is actually going into the food they feed their cats.”

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